Successfully Defending Licensed Professionals

Our lawyers have represented countless professionals in licensing matters for more than 20 years. Below are several of our representative cases, which show how we can assist you.

  • A physician who completed another state's application for licensure in haste entered an erroneous response in regard to the completion of her Continuing Medical Education (CME) that she later completed, prompting that state to impose a public nondisciplinary order. The physician held active licenses in several states. Although the physician corrected the unintentional error, with other states poised to take action, Frances Cullen contacted and negotiated with the Georgia Composite Medical Board and several other state medical boards to prevent reciprocal action from being taken against the licensee based upon her erroneous application response.
  • In a case in which a hospital summarily suspended a physician's clinical privileges, Frances Cullen worked with the hospital to address what it perceived as deficiencies and helped the physician obtain a "void" to remove the negative National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) report that would have had a significant impact on his career.
  • An out-of-state pharmacist who moved to Georgia had entered a "nolo contendre" ("no contest") plea to criminal charges in his home state and claimed he was innocent of the alleged crime; Frances Cullen assisted him in obtaining an unrestricted license in Georgia.

Criminal Defense

  • Upon a showing of rehabilitation, Frances Cullen secured the reinstatement of medical licenses for several physicians who had been convicted of felony crimes and, in some cases, those still under probation.
  • In a federal criminal case, we represented an impaired physician who distributed a significant number of illegal prescriptions. The U.S. Attorney's Office initially sought to charge him with numerous violations of federal controlled substance laws, including prescribing and conspiracy offenses. However, we were able to negotiate a plea agreement to a reduced charge applicable to a limited drug amount, thereby bringing the federal sentencing guidelines offense level down and, at sentencing, pleaded for a further reduction, which was granted.

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