Frances Cullen | Representing Licensed Professionals

NOVEMBER 17, 2016

I'm Frances Cullen with 25 years of experience as a healthcare attorney whose practice is focused on the representation of professionals. I have a broad knowledge of medical, dental, and pharmaceutical practices, including appropriate scope of practice and billing issues.

I've represented hundreds of professionals during my career with administrative, civil and criminal issues that could affect their life and their livelihood. These issues include not only the potential loss of liberty which of course is the most valuable right but also the potential damage to one's reputation and one's ability to practice their profession and thereby on their living. We pride ourselves on focusing our detailed efforts on our client's cases, bring to each case our knowledge and expertise of billing, medical coding, and various practice arrangements that could service potential defense to criminal claims.

Lynne Borsuk and I have represented numerous clients in criminal cases bringing as a team our considerable knowledge and expertise in criminal law and healthcare board. This team approach brings two knowledgeable attorneys to bare on determining the best way and the best manner to address your issues. We take into consideration all the potential ramifications of a criminal charge. We trial void potential criminal charges and work diligently toward the best resolution of any criminal charge or associated charges of other types that may arise from professional licensing organizations, reporting to data banks or even posting on the internet. Our goal is to bring our years of experience, our broad knowledge, and the extensive amount of resources we have within the community to most effectively and efficiently represent your interests.