Lynne Borsuk

SEPTEMBER 20, 2016

Hi, my name is Lynne Borsuk. I'm a criminal defense lawyer. I've have 30 years of experience in representing people in court. My focus is on helping people and I do that through representation in all of the courts: federal courts, state and superior courts, the juvenile courts. I represent people charged with white collar crimes as well as regular criminal defense. I have a great deal of experience in representing people in all of these courts and that experience is helpful to a person when faced with a fraud or a Medicaid or Medicare charge. Dealing with these cases can be very complex, can be very frightening and scary for the person who's charged as well as for their family members.

To help someone through this case, I work with a team. Fran Cullen and I have worked throughout the years in representing people in very complex matters and the team approach is best. Representation of a person charged with this case is not only complex but it requires understanding who our client is and what their needs are. For instance, for many professionals, the reputational damage that comes along with an investigation or with criminal charges can be extremely devastating. So we work hard to try to limit media attention to a matter and work behind the scenes to try to address the charges and to see if it might be possible to either have charges not brought, or charges have already been brought, to see if it's possible to have them dismissed. This comprehensive approach to representation for a person is absolutely essential. With the career on the line, with reputation on the line and with the very real fear of imprisonment, it's essential that a full team be assembled that is fully focused on your needs and in fighting the charges against you.

It's absolutely essential in representing someone that we, as the defense team, really help that person along in their journey in this most frightening of times. We work to think about what your needs are. We work to try to keep media coverage down. We work to try to see if it's possible to have charges dismissed, or if a client can come to us soon enough while a case is still under investigation, we'll try to see that no charges are brought at all.

Our representation of you will include a comprehensive overview of what your needs are in this case. We recognize that in representing professionals, that their reputation is extremely important and that their ability to continue to practice that profession is important. So the response will be a legal response but a legal response that also encompasses an understanding that news media coverage could be very harmful, and with an effort along with Fran Cullen to make sure that your professional licensure stays in place, so that you can continue to practice.

The successful representation of someone facing these sorts of charges involves bringing in a team of professionals. We'll need to bring in experts to help decode the records and help to disprove the government's assertions of fraud. Absolutely essential that this be done. We have successfully worked with experts in the past and this has led to very good results for some clients. It's an important aspect of your case.

When facing fraud charges, it is absolutely essential that a full team of professionals be brought in to assist in combating the charges and the allegations against you. We routinely bring in the finest experts to go through the records, to respond to those records and to create an effective defense based on those records. This is an extremely important aspect of the defense of these cases, and we have had good results in the past in undertaking this. Select the team that will help you to succeed, that will be careful with the details, that will fight hard for you, that will fight ethically, and that will fight in a way that is effective for you and gets you the very, very best result possible.

Let us fight for you. Let us be the team that helps you. We will fight for you, advocate for you and get you the very best resolution possible for your matter. Contact us today!