What Should You Expect When Working With Frances Cullen, P.C.?

AUGUST 25, 2016

Healthcare Lawyer Atlanta

When you contact Frances Cullen P.C., you will be contacted within 24 hours by someone from our office. If you send an email, we may respond immediately saying when we can speak with you but if not you'll speak with someone in our office within 24 hours. Someone will reach out to you to get the facts of your case. If it is an urgent matter, we ask you to please write that it is an urgent matter and what deadline you have or if you have a call from an investigator that you're concerned about and would like attention immediately. We always contact you quickly. By doing this we try make sure that your priorities are our priorities. We also try to find out what the issue is; When we can meet with you; And how we can determine the best way to represent you.

It may be that you need to meet with us immediately or you can wait a few days but we'll set up an appointment quickly and expeditiously and try to get to the heart of your matter. If the investigator needs to be contacted, we'll contact them. If we need to invest in additional time, we will take care of that for you. Our firm is dedicated to the defense of licensed professionals. We represent individuals and small businesses with licensing issues, criminal matters, professional association issues and some malpractice claims.

We will assess your case. We can evaluate your case and we can give you sound legal advice from the beginning through resolution. When you contact our firm, we'll reach back out to you as quickly as possible and meet with you as soon as possible to resolve your case. At our firm we try to resolve cases quickly and efficiently and with the best outcome for you and your individual needs.