Why Choose Fran Cullen as Your Professional Licensing Defense Attorney?

JUNE 30, 2016

Healthcare Lawyer Atlanta

I look at us as problems solvers. We're very good at looking at a case. We try to take our time initially and really evaluate the case and determine what the best solution is and try to get there in the most expeditious way possible.

Most individuals who are facing a licensing case or a criminal matter or any kind of issue that can threaten their professional livelihood are uncertain and that is very hard to live with. Sometimes it takes a while to resolve these cases - it doesn't require lots of what I call running in circles - what we try to do is look at the best way to resolve a case but also search for the most straightforward solution instead of trying to jump through too many hoops to reach our goal. We work well with others. I think that's our other strength. We have a lot of resources in the community.

I've been working for 25 years in the legal profession and 20 years in the defense practice. And I am able to reach out to lots of resources on both sides of both prosecutorial and defense counsel and have the health care resources to aid my clients in reaching their ideal goal. Give us a call!