Frequently Asked Questions

Can I continue working during a criminal investigation or following action taken by a licensing board?

The answer depends on your specific circumstances, including the charges and the body overseeing the investigation. We can help you navigate the laws and regulations regarding your situation.

What are my options if I have been denied licensure?

You can appeal denials of licensure. Our lawyers can help you understand the reason your application was denied and work with you and the licensing board to appeal the denial.

Will I face criminal charges for drug addiction?

Our goal in your drug case is to help get you the treatment and assistance you need while maintaining your career. You may face criminal charges depending on the circumstances, and we are experienced defending clients in criminal matters.

We also work with licensing boards and the bodies that oversee your specialty to keep you licensed or get you back to your career as soon as possible.

How many cases have you successfully defended?

We have worked hundreds of cases related to licensed professionals. We have deep knowledge of multiple specialties. Combined with our background in criminal prosecution, we offer comprehensive legal counsel in a unique area of the law.

Our lead attorney, Frances Cullen, is part of multiple legal associations and has more than 20 years of experience in the field.

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