Defending Your Medical License

Medical professionals are always susceptible to becoming the target of a complaint and potential disciplinary proceedings. Whether that comes in the form of a licensing board or hospital disciplinary action, or a charge of criminal conduct, it is one of the realities of working as a physician or as a medical professional.

At Frances Cullen, P.C., our attorneys offer experienced legal representation to medical professionals in Atlanta and throughout Georgia and the southeast for a range of matters, including:

Each of these cases requires representation tailored to your specific profession, the facts of your case and the entire situation. Whether you need representation before your professional licensing board or in a court of law, we will work with you to defend your rights and keep you licensed and working with patients.

The Complaint Process

The Georgia Composite Medical Board enforcement process starts with the filing of a complaint. This may come from a member of the public, another professional or a government entity. Complaints of medical violations may also arise during the mandatory reporting process.

A complaint initiates the board review process. All complaints are investigated by the board. For minor issues, your case may be reviewed and a letter of concern issued. For some cited violations, you may be subject to the disciplinary process whereby your license may be placed on probation, with the imposition of fines and conditions. For more serious allegations, the board may seek to suspend or revoke your professional license.

If the board determines there is sufficient evidence to impose disciplinary sanctions and no informal resolution has been reached, your case will be set down for a board hearing. In circumstances that the board finds particularly egregious, your license could be summarily suspended, pending a hearing.

It is important to retain legal counsel if you suspect or receive notice of an investigation. We can defend you against the board's claims to best resolve your case, and work with you should the matter become criminal.

Trust Your License To An Attorney Who Knows Your Specialization

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